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Ingrid Yin, Ph.D., Managing Partner of MayTech Global Investments, Won 2018 SupChina Female Rising Star Award

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MayTech Global Investment Team
Nels Wangensteen
Nels Wangensteen
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager
"I want to see results. Literally."
Ingrid Yin, Ph.D.
Ingrid Yin, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager
"Help me help them understand."
MayTech Global Investments
The MayTech Global investment process is based on our team's observations about the impact of technology on the global economy.
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Welcome to MayTech Global Investments, LLC

Innovators in Global Growth Investing

MayTech Global Investments, LLC, is a 100% independent, employee-owned investment management firm which focuses on managing global growth portfolios. We have a deep research culture, with portfolio managers investing globally for more than 20 years on average.

Based in New York City, we have a diverse group of clients that includes high-net-worth individuals, family offices, corporate, foundations and institutional investors.

Our Investment Process

MayTech Global’s investment process is based on our observations of the major forces driving growth in the global economy and our ability to identify the major beneficiaries of these trends.

New Solutions to Big Problems

MayTech Global believes the most promising companies are those creating new and scalable solutions to big problems. As such, the global economy is increasingly characterized by a “winner takes all” dynamic, which makes it vital for investors to be on the right side of these trends.

Our views about the progression of technology inevitably lead us to focus on companies either developing groundbreaking technologies, or using them to broaden and deepen their competitive advantages.

The Pace of Change Is Accelerating

Many investors still don’t fully appreciate that we are entering a period of dramatic transformation. This is happening because, after 50 years of Moore’s Law, the number of transistors on a microchip has become incomprehensibly large, leading to ever faster and cheaper computing power.

Technologies that seemed like science fiction five years ago are now happening. For example, advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence have the potential to disrupt vast areas of the global economy in ways we are just starting to appreciate.

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