About MayTech

“MayTech” symbolizes our belief in the transformative power technology has on our lives and the global economy. In Chinese, “MayTech” sounds similar to the term for “beautiful Tai” – a reference to Mount Tai, one of China’s most famous and revered Five Great Mountains. MayTech conveys integrity, stability, longevity, innovation and distinction.


MayTech is a New York Based SEC Registered Investment Advisor, founded in 2017


Employee owned firm closely aligned with interest of our clients


Woman/Minority Owned


Our portfolio managers, based in New York, have been investing globally on average for more than 20 years

Our Professionals

Combine years of investing experience with a vast global research network. The investment team spends most of its time, performing rigorous fundamental research. The portfolio managers/analysts are generalists with specific sector focus. It is a team-oriented process, led by veteran portfolio managers, Nels Wangensteen and Dr. Ingrid Yin.


Our Portfolio Managers

Have equity ownership in the firm with significant assets invested in the strategy, maintaining a close alignment of interest with our clients.

The Global Growth Strategy

Is an all-cap, thematic, concentrated portfolio of 20-30 companies. Our investments are generated from themes that capitalize on four key global forces:

  • Accelerating advances in technology
  • Emerging consumers
  • Demographic shifts
  • Advances in health science
Our Goal

After identifying companies that fit into our themes, we employ a rigorous bottom-up, fundamental security research process. Our goal is to identify investments we can own for a long time, resulting in fully invested portfolios with low turnover.

Our Why

We screen out market noise and focus on long term growth

Intensive research process drives concentrated, conviction-weighted portfolios

Allows us to understand where the company is in its life cycle and valuation

Global perspective allows us to compare opportunities across many different markets

Co-founders long history of collaboration