We live in an exciting time where technological change is accelerating globally, creating billions of new consumers, and disrupting traditional industries. This landscape is increasingly creating a "winner takes all" business climate.

Our core beliefs are:

Innovative ideas are replacing capital and labor as the most critical factors of production.

The global economy has become "winner takes all".

The pace of change is accelerating .. and investors have not recognized it.

Let winners run the portfolio.


Identifying global structural changes

MayTech’s investment process begins with a top-down view of the world that identifies key global structural changes, enabling us to prioritize our research focus with intensive, fundamental, bottom-up analysis.

our focus

Our investment fund managers then look for industries with large, addressable markets undergoing change – retail, media and software are good examples of industries that are being radically transformed by technology. We see healthcare and financial services as industries where the transformation is just beginning.

Final bottom-up analysis

From there, we analyze industry structure and the competitive environment to gain an understanding of where the most value is being created in the supply chain, and how that might change. This includes not only studying the relationship between competitors, suppliers, and customers, but also the threat of new substitute products and new entrants. After identifying a focus list of companies, we undertake a bottom-up analysis to help us understand the company’s valuation relative to the opportunity and its peers.

Creating a concentrated portfolio

Top down and bottom up are equally important in MayTech’ s approach. We seek to invest in those companies recognizing and taking advantage of large scale secular changes in the global economy that MayTech believes are best poised for spectacular growth.


MayTech Global Investments, LLC ("MayTech") is an independently owned asset manager, focused upon long-term, deeply researched, fundamental analysis and equity portfolio management for our institutional and private clients.

Forecasting companies' prospects on a long-term time horizon and the identification of the surviving companies from disruptive technological innovation is a key activity of our investment team. ESG issues and their management can significantly impact company earnings, long-term valuations and consideration of these issues may be part of our investment process. Likewise, reporting to clients on our assessment of these issues, engaging with investee companies, and voting decisions are also central to our approach.

  • We vote proxies that favor proposals designed to maximize a company's shareholder value and are free from the influence of conflicts of interest.
  • MayTech implements responsible corporate governance, fosters a diverse and inclusive workforce, a culture that promotes high standards of ethics and integrity, privacy and information security, community investment, and environmental initiatives.